Leila.Miniblog - 17.03.2010

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Leila.Miniblog - 17.03.2010

Post by Leila.T Connected on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:46 pm


(Translation: In reply to @Crystal Tin's message: I also have dogs at home and can bring for you to play! If you want? haha.....)

hahaha......^^ //@李綺雯:我的zack zack 那天回家後,不停推我, 要我帶他出去找bebe...

(Translation: hahaha.....^^@Lee Yee Man: After returning home on that day, my zack zack kept on pushing me to bring him out to find bebe...)


(Translation: In Reply to Leo Chim's message: It's really really really really good......^^)


(Translation: It's good to stay at home.......^^)


(Translation: In Reply to Chapman To's message: Agree!^^)


(Translation: In Reply to Pakho Chau's message: Add oil ar!)

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