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Post by Leila.T Connected on Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:46 pm

Leila.Miniblog - 19.03.2010 5219ba9d4822354d3d213690

(Translation: Finished shooting another roll of film!^^)

回复 @茜利妹:乜都影!不過暫時影景多!^^ //@茜利妹:影咩多?人?靜物?風景?

(Translation: In reply to 茜利妹's message: I take everything! But currently I take more of the scenery!^^@茜利妹: What do you take? People? Building? Scenery?)


(Translation: The photo shop near my place do not develop the photos in one day anymore. The fastest is four days the slowest is more than one week. Seems like I should learn how to develop photos soon! =__=")

Leila.Miniblog - 19.03.2010 4df98331g82291f466cc5690

(Translation: Because I am unable to develop the photos, I can only upload a picture taken using the big camera previously......I'm really angry!!!!!!!><)

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