Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010

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Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010 Empty Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010

Post by Leila.T Connected on Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:53 pm

Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010 5219ba9d482a3147ebd92690

(Translation: The mini cookies that my friend made for her friend. I ate a few pieces secretly! Nice!

Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010 5219ba9d482a31c93a077690

(Translation: I must definitely take a picture with it before eating!)

Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010 5219ba9d07376bb943cc8690

(Translation: There is a picture of yellow which I have been wanting to post up for a few days. But I didn't because it looks a little scary and I'm afraid it will be angry at me. After all it is an ugly shot. However, to me, this picture is too interesting so I really have to share! So, I'm so sorry Yellow! Mummy didn't mean to betray you but no matter how you become, I will still love you! The name of this picture is called "Possessed by evil spirits")

Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010 5219ba9d482a370fc7cb5690

(Translation: Seems like everyone can take it quite well. I'll post one more picture which is more fierce! Haha)

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Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010 Empty Re: Leila.Miniblog - 26.03.2010

Post by xonancy on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:22 am

hehehe leila's so cute with her dog!! The bottom photo is funny Smile

thank u for translating!

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