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Post by Leila.T Connected on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:42 pm


(Translation: In Reply To 蓝燕's message: Where's the photo? I want to see! Just nice I woke up in the middle of the night!)


(Translation: In Reply To 蓝燕's message: Got it! Thanks! Keep in contact when you get back!^^)

Ok!!!^^ //@蓝燕Sad*^__^*) 嘻嘻,回港聯,晚安,別熬太多夜哦// @唐寧 :收到了!謝謝呀!回來再聯絡吧!^^

(Translation: Ok!!!^^//@蓝燕Sad*^__^*) Hehe, keep in contact, good night, don't stay up too much//@Leila Tong:Got it! Thanks! Keep in contact when you get back!^^)


(Translation: I was actually acting with the Mr.Sandman but i ran out halfway. I'm going back to finish the second half now! Goodbye everyone!)


(Translation: It was a short show with Mr. Sandman, Now it has ended.....)


(Translation: Not exactly insomnia! It's just shorter! Today is a sunny day! You are working outside, remember to put on sunblock! The sunlight is good but the UV rays are bad!//@Miki Yeung: You are having insomnia?


(Translation: In Reply to Crystal tin's message: Can tell! You've worked hard!)


(Translation: You finally came! ^^@nancywu

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