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Post by Leila.T Connected on Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:10 pm

Leila.Miniblog - 16.03.2010 5219ba9d481d978bac777690

(Translation: He is my harbour! Always give me the safe, warm and happy feeling!)

Leila.Miniblog - 16.03.2010 5219ba9d481d9a05452b7690

(Translation: He is really ver man, he's my family's BooBoo!!!^^)

咁你幾時得閒吖?不如搵日全日得閒,食飯+畫畫+玩dogdog吖! //@MikiYeung:何時來我家玩dogdog?

(Translation: When are you free? Why not find a day when you are free, have lunch+draw+play with dogs! //@MikiYeung: When do you want to come my house to play with dogs?

Leila.Miniblog - 16.03.2010 5219ba9d481da3ff508af690

(Translation: Yellow has never liked to take pictures, see how unwilling he is!^^)

Leila.Miniblog - 16.03.2010 5219ba9d481da512f295e690

(Translation: Doudou is the most difficult to take as it keeps on fidgeting. I had to feed him to make him stay!)

Leila.Miniblog - 16.03.2010 5219ba9d481da57e35ce4690

(Translation: My Bebe is very good, because he doesn't even care about me! =__=")

Yellow啊!和boo很似嗎?haha.... //@彭秀慧:這是Yellow 還是Boo? 也是乖乖狗啦。 // @陳俞希HaileyC :跟彭秀慧老師的Diza 好像喔!

(Translation: Yellow! Looks like Boo? haha....//@Kearen Pang: Is this Yellow or Boo? Both are good dogs la. //@HaileyChan: Looks like Ms. Kearen Pang's Diza!)

他是披著金毛的唐狗!haha....^^ //@彭秀慧:這是Yellow 還是Boo? 也是乖乖狗啦。 // @陳俞希HaileyC :跟彭秀慧老師的Diza 好像喔!

(Translation: It is a mongrel with gold fur! haha....^^ //@Kearen Pang: Is this Yellow or Boo? Both are good dogs la. //@HaileyChan: Looks like Ms. Kearen Pang's Diza!)


(Translation: Hihi!!! Just woke up!!!!!)


(Translation: In reply to Myolie's message: Hihi....Hangyee!!^^)

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Post by inkfish123456 on Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:56 am

Hi....thanks for all the translation updates...


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