Leila.Miniblog - 13.03.2010 (16:37)

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Leila.Miniblog - 13.03.2010 (16:37)

Post by M. on Sun Mar 14, 2010 4:43 pm

雖然這照片很美,但可以不用那麼多燈嗎?燈光亮得反映到雲上了......「地球一小時」 2010年3月27日晚上8:30 熄燈一小時,你也一起參與,好嗎?

Although this picture is very beautiful, but can it not use so much lights? The lights are so bright that they reflect into the clouds.....On 'Earth Hour' 27 March 2010, can you participate in the switching off of lights for one hour, okay?)

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